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       Microblading - a manual eyebrow pigmentation method, which originates in Japan. It is currently the market's most sought after method by demanding clients. Microblading allows for detailed and precise eyebrow reconstruction, so that they resemble natural eyebrows, but the effect is even more compelling! Eyebrows are natural and at the same time densely packed with a beautiful and desirable shape.

Microblading involves the precise tracing of individual hairs within the arch of the eyebrow in such a way that the drawing reflects the most natural arrangement of the hair. The microblading effect is maintained between 12 and 24 months after which the client should return for a supplemental procedure.

Our eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Whether you like them bold, feathered, arched, or straight, now there’s a natural option that will deliver permanent results: Microblading!!

       Microblading has now become the most popular technique in permanent makeup. Unlike the extreme effects of most permanent makeup, microblading consist of more natural embroidery-style strokes that looks like real hair. Every hair is drawn individually, which makes for fabulous natural looking eyebrows.



Learn this hot trendy technique today with one of our master instructors. In the Basic Class, you will learn:

Our Microblading training is a beginner’s course.This is an amazing choice for those who are first starting out in the industry and want to focus on one area before training in other techniques. During this training you will be taught by one and only Agatha Kubiak. Who will share her many years of experience and techniques to ensure you are the most successful. Signature Ink Institute’s goal is to help you begin a very successful career, therefore we will provide models for you to aid in the start of your portfolio.


During this Training you will be provided with:

PMU machine Microblading

Kit which includes blades, set of pigments, pigment ring holders, face mask, eyebrow ruler, eyebrow pencil and more

Online booklet (before classes start)

Assignments to practice on at home


All materials needed during training

Complimentary lunch



Day 1 Class Introduction

During your first day with us we will begin by teaching you all the theories that you will need, including colorimetry technique, eyebrow mapping, different types of needles, and the different types of techniques. Upon learning all of this information and answering any questions, you will begin practicing on imitation skins before models. Your first day will consist of covering all the information you may need and going over the information that you were sent prior to starting the class.


Day 2 Practicing

On your second day with us you will begin the art of microblading on imitation skin. After imitation skin practice we will bring in a model for your to practice on under the supervision of Agatha. We will also share with some tips on how to take a professional picture for your portfolio.


Day 3 Practicing

During your third day with us you will begin by practicing microblading and shading on imitation skin. Upon practicing on imitation skins we will bring in a model for your to practice on under the supervision of Agatha. At the end of this day you will receive a completion certificate.


Day 4 2 to 3 month follow up

Within few months after completion of training you will come back to us, so we can check on your progress and answer any questions that may of occurred. During this time we can go over any of the techniques that you have learned. This day should be used as fallow up for your work. Take advantage and ask any and all questions that may of come up during your time applying the techniques you have learned.


Microblading Training 4 Days $2,700 (certificate)




The student is responsible for paying the deposit the day of scheduling their training. The deposit is $500, the remainder of the cost is due on the first day of training before it begins. We accept visa, mastercard and paypal. The student has up to 72 hours since making the deposit to change their mind and cancel. If the cancellation notice is made before the 72 hours is up, the student will receive a full refund for their deposit.