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Welcome into the world of permanent makeup beauty created by a master artist and certified pmu trainer Agata Kubiak.

My biggest happiness in life is that I can do what I really love, give people beauty, and at the same time as a certified permanent makeup instructor I can share my knowledge at my school - Signature Ink Institute.

My adventure with permanent makeup started in 2009 when I completed my first training in California at Permanent Choices. Since then I took part in many advanced trainings in Europe, United States, and The Dominican Republic. I have been able to learn from the best like Aleksandra Wasik, Rita Romo, NC, Madrem, Powder Brows. I have also joined the elite group - Academy of Sviatoslaw. For so many years my knowledge and skills deepened so that I can provide services on the highest level. To perform these services I use the highest quality of products from Europe and United States.

Below are a few of the last trainings that I have attended:

2016- Microblading training with Urszula Ifkowicz

2017- Stardust  Eyeliner and Powder Eyebrow training in California with Swiatoslaw

2019- Ombre Eyebrow with Malwa Zieba

2019-Secret Blush- Maderm

2017- Rita Romo Conference - Dominican Republic

2018- NC conference Orlando, Florida 

2016- Flower Lip with Katarzyna Pawlowicz

2019- Blush Lip - Maderm

2020- Many webinars with Magdalena Mazurek

2019- Pixel Hair Eyebrow with Alexandra Wasik

As you see what I do is my passion which I love to constantly develop.

Trust my knowledge, passion, 10 years of experience and professionalism. Remember that permanent makeup is an exclusive treatment and in choosing a person, you should always choose the best.

In such moments you know that hard work and faith in what you are doing make sense.

I'm grateful that I can do what I love.


Agatha Kubiak