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 Our eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Whether you like them bold, feathered, arched, or straight, now there’s a natural option that will deliver permanent results: Microblading!!

           Microblading has now become the most popular technique in permanent makeup. Unlike the extreme effects of most permanent makeup, microblading consist of more natural embroidery-style stokes that looks like real hair. Every hair is drawn individually, which makes for fabulous natural looking eyebrows.

           Learn this hot trendy technique today with one of our master instructors. In the Basic Class, you will learn:


• Sanitation and Sterilization

• Introduction to Microblading

• Client Consultations

• Color Theory

• Drawing on the Shapes

• Infection Control

• Client Communication

• Marketing & Growing your Business



Classes take 3 days  place from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM, or from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. The school offers two types of training: individual or group training. The type of class is chosen before the course begins.

We provides a starting kit for microblading classes which includes 4 pigments (LI BREND) , needles, measurement for drawing ,pencil,  cups for the pigments, notes, synthetic skin, and a face mask.

We will put in our best efforts to educate well.

Every student will have to perform the permanent makeup procedure on minimum three live models. The instructor decides when the student is ready to do the procedure on live models.

Agatha Kubiak offers the most inclusive program for those looking to gain an edge in their career. We take pride in providing the best training to get your career going and develop a life-long relationship that includes support and advancement.



Microblading 3 days  group training  $2700

Microblading 3 days individual training $3600

The student is responsible for paying the deposit the day of scheduling their training. The deposit is $500, the remainder of the cost is due on the first day of training before it begins. We accept, visa, mastercard and paypal. The student has up to 72 hours since making the deposit to change their mind and cancel. If the cancellation notice is made before the 72 hours is up, the student will receive a full refund for their deposit.